Helping Law Firms Accept and Manage Client Funds

Gravity Legal reduces the risk, cost, and administrative burden of accepting
payments and managing funds in a trust or IOLTA account.

Accept Payments with Ease

Accept Credit & Debit Cards

Accept Funds via Bank Transfer

How does it work ?


Attorney or firm administrator
creates a secure payment link.


Attorney or firm administrator sends
link to client in an email, text
message, or invoice.


Client clicks link and makes
a single payment

Track & Transfer Funds

Split Deposits

Safely distribute funds from a
single payment into trust, IOLTA
or operating account

Transfer Funds

Transfer and track the movement
of funds between trust and
operating accounts

Trust Account Protection

Automatic protection from
processing fees and other 3rd
party debits

Comprehensive Developer API

Access Gravity Legal’s features through a comprehensive RESTful API

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